Our People

We have a small team of paid staff but in the main, patients, visitors and staff are served by our band of volunteers, without whose help the League would not be as successful as it is today. At the last count there were 138 volunteers and 13 staff led by a small managerial team. The paid staff work as supervisors, night staff in the A&E shop and domestics to undertake the cleaning of our premises.

Some of our volunteers have been with us for over 25 years, are working well into their 80s and 90s and turn out in all weathers and provide that much appreciated warm drink or sandwich. They give up their time for many reasons. Some are former NHS employees, some have received treatment, given birth or seen a relative being nursed at Medway Maritime Hospital. Others simply want to do something useful with their retirement or are otherwise unable to work but want to contribute to their community.

As well as awarding long service certificates at five year intervals, in 2015 we introduced our Star Awards in order to recognise performance over and above that which would normally be expected. This has been a great success with both our team and members of the public or NHS staff who can all make nominations.  If you would like to nominate a volunteer for a Star Award, please navigate to the Contact page and get in touch.

Overseeing the work of the League are our Trustees: John Spence (President), Derek May (Chairman), Janet Harsent (Vice Chair), Steve Towsey (Treasurer), Colin Silk (Vice Treasurer & Membership Secretary), Marion Cogger (Secretary), Eunice Norman (HRM rep), Helen Belcher, Tim Higgins and Peter McKenna.

​Our Committee members are the Trustees plus Scott Belcher (Operations Manager), Sue Stephens/Freda Parish (Volunteer Representatives) and Tracey Dray (Hospital Representative).



Carol has volunteered with us since 2013 and initially started because she was bored after retiring from work with a film company.

She loves to be busy and is normally found with us on a Friday morning.



Colette is a 14 year veteran working with Medway League of Friends and over those years has gained experience in most elements of retail work.

Normally working several days a week, she’s incredibly useful when it comes to restocking and covering breaks for other volunteers.

Want to work with us?

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