Environmental Impact

We’re aware that coffee shops and cafes have a bad reputation with regard to their environmental impact. Single use plastic items, plastic lined coffee cups, lids, straws, plastic bottles, carrier bags and so on are all highly visible waste traditionally associated with this type of business.

Way back in 2017 (before the Latte Levy was proposed) we started to reduce our reliance on single use plastic items.

We’ve gradually moved to paper straws, biodegradable cutlery, cups and lids and from plastic carrier bags.

We’ve introduced a range of reusable cups and offer a discount on drinks to those that use them.

We’ve changed to suppliers with more sustainable packaging and in 2021 we began the process to become a Carbon Neutral Organisation. We’re pleased to announce that we have acheived that goal and we are now an accredited Carbon Neutral Charity.

We are committed to continue examining our impact on the world and our commmunity.

Our targets for the next year are to:

  1. Reduce our CO2 emmissions
  2. Maintain Carbon Neutral status
  3. Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill
  4. Complete the move to paper bags

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